Over the coming weeks we will be posting any learning points that you send, categorised into areas of work. Bare in mind that the landscape of Covid-19 is ever changing, as will be guidance on its management. Contributors to this website have done so with the understanding that at the time of their contribution, it was up to date. See useful resources for more information.

Useful resources

Public Health England

Public Health Wales

Health Protection Scotland

Health and Social Care Northern Ireland

The Faculty of Intensive Care, Intensive Care Society, Association of Anaesthetist, Royal College of Anaesthetists and the Obstetric Anaesthetists’ Association, in collaboration have launched a website with Information, guidance and resources supporting the understanding and management of Covid-19

Manchester and Mersey Anaesthesia and Critical Care

NHS Lothian and Covid-19

An example of a google drive used by one trust is available for view here. It may help you to form a trust specific drive of your own.


Donning and doffing

PHE youtube links for donning and doffing of PPE

St Mary’s and Imperial theatre donning and doffing video (9.28mins)

Staff PPE quick reference guide – accurate as of 13th March PHE


Obs theatres procedure- suspected : confirmed 14.3.2020

Obstetric anaesthetic learning and decisions from Covid

For a planned scenario of a patient presenting to maternity front desk with symptoms of covid-19: Coronavirus drill.also see learning points coronavirus drill

More lessons learnt from a Canadian obstetric unit, Lessons learnt in obstetric covid simulation

Useful resources in obstetrics

Emergency Department

As management of covid-19 is new to many staff (across the NHS), a different approach to facilitating simulation maybe needed in order to meet the learning objectives of your team.

A+E approach to simulation of deteriorating Covid-19 patient.


General learnings shared by PICU consultants across the world while conducting the following scenarios are:
1. Donning and doffing takes around 4 minutes, important implications for unstable patients potentially needing CPR
2. Consider keeping preloaded resus doses of adrenaline bedside for such patients.
3. Communication is a nightmare, one has to be loud and clear. We may be better off as we have vocera.
4. After first transport SOP is done, trial the SIM several times and learn through trial and error. Have 1 member who has undergone Sim training in every team for transport.
Scenario and learning points of Paed ICU patient needing intubating



ARDS COVID-19 QRG v3.pdf

Learning points from ICU simulation

Some pharmacy considerations to have a think about – and there will be others not on the list so do share any thoughts and experiences

Pharmacy considerations on ICU and wards

Anaesthesia and theatres

NHS Lothian. Covid-19 Intubation training lessons learned sjh theatres-12.3.2020




Staff wellbeing during covid-19


sustaining staff wellbeing during covid-19Self-care during covid-19supporting doctors in the event of a covid19 epidemic in the UK


Teaching during a pandemic- How can technology and online social networks support teaching and learning?